Why was the McDonalds’s worker punched?

A McDonald’s employee was attacked during a strange interaction with a customer. A customer was reportedly attacked by a customer who appeared to be angry after receiving a free glass of water. A second employee was reportedly beaten when he attempted to intervene. The incident happened Friday at a McDonald’s in Midtown, Tennessee. After he … Read more

Hospital workers to be given free meals by McDonald’s

Hospital staff may use additional help at this time. In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, many hospital workers work long and difficult shifts. A Florida McDonald’s franchisee is doing its best to help them. Costa Enterprises owns several McDonald’s in Bay County, Florida, and by March 31, these locations will offer free combo meals … Read more

McDonald’s Shamrock Shake

Green is the reason for the season. Every spring McDonald’s brings it is a light green smoothie to the market to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The seasonal product is one of the restaurant’s most emblematic offerings, although it is not always available. To celebrate Shamrock Shake’s 50th anniversary, McDonald’s released a press release on the … Read more

McDonald’s rapid actions against the Corona Virus

Fast-food giant McDonald’s is said to be the youngest American company to take drastic action to curb the coronavirus epidemic, according to a report. American restaurant canteens are closing, and the company, which owns about 5% of the approximately 14,000 restaurants in the United States, is asking American franchisees to close their facility cafes. “The … Read more

McDonald’s: Our appetites are healthy

McDonald’s Corp experienced strong sales in the first three months of the year and increased morning prices in New York by approximately 5%. Profits increased 13% from the first quarter of 2017 to nearly $ 1.38 billion. International demand, including in Britain and Germany, contributed to growth, according to the fast-food chain. Faced with increasing … Read more

McDonald’s appeal for restaurant at Kenton

Fast-food giant McDonald’s, often seen as a symbol of American capitalism, opened its first communist-controlled restaurant in Vietnam. AFP said hundreds of people lined up to open the Ho Chi Minh City restaurant in the south. The US-backed government was in Ho Chi Minh City, known as Saigon during the Vietnam War, until it was … Read more

McDonald’s first outlet in Vietnam

At McDonald’s Fast Food, often a symbol of American capitalism, this restaurant in Vietnam is known as a commercial restaurant. AFP is looking for restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City and in the southern city. In Ho Chi Minh, the cities of Vietnam, known as Saigon, belong to the United States, from the age of … Read more

An insight on the plastic straw campaign of McDonald’s

McDonald’s shareholders rejected a proposal asking the company to report the use of plastic straws. This is the last part of a campaign to pressure the company to ban the items. The idea, which was endorsed by activist group SumOfUs, received less than 8% of the vote at the company’s annual meeting. McDonald’s recommended against … Read more

The departure of McDonald’s from Rochdale not a good sign

With unemployment in the UK at its peak of 17 years and many difficult companies, urban centers like Rochdale and Greater Manchester have become a battleground between deprivation and regeneration plans. When McDonald’s announced its departure from downtown Rochdale, some residents said it was the “last nail in the coffin” for an industrial city that … Read more

McDonald’s serving the chicken nuggets in an innovative way

Vegetarian customers of McDonald’s in the UK reported finding chicken nuggets in meatless foods. The fast-food chain launched its spicy vegetarian packaging in early January, but restaurant staff seems to be struggling with the recipe. The main ingredient is said to be a red vegetarian pesto – customers received chicken nuggets. This happened across the … Read more