Will McDonald’s establish itself in Tehran?

International sanctions against Iran were lifted six months later, on January 16, 2016. This means that money can move in and out of Iran more easily and that American companies will see greater business opportunities with Tehran, among other things. Since the deal was announced, some Iranians have posed a problem on social media. Is … Read more

Why no McDonald’s store in Rutland?

Picturesque Rutland County has a Michelin-starred restaurant, dozens of gourmet restaurants, and regular farm markets, but there’s no place to buy a Big Mac. All of that could change soon. Today it seems impossible to go anywhere without looking at the golden arches of a particular fast-food chain. But there is an entire county in … Read more

McDonald’s closes one of the outlets temporarily

McDonald’s stopped working at its three Crimean restaurants after diplomatic tensions in the region continued. The company said it will try to support employees and hopes to reopen its restaurants as soon as possible. The company is the second in Crimea to change its activities after increasing tensions between Russia and the West. Deutsche Post … Read more

McDonald’s golden arch in Rutland

Rutland will lose its status as the only community without McDVOICE after consultants have drawn up plans for a new restaurant. Some in the small rural county of the East Midlands enjoy their unique independence from the American fast-food giant. In a meeting Tuesday, city councilors approved the request for transit outside Oakham. McDVOICE said … Read more

McDonald’s trying its best to provide vegan services everywhere

McDonald’s will join a growing list of fast-food restaurants selling vegan dishes in the UK. McDVOICE said its vegetarian food, including vegan nuggets served with chips and sodas, will launch in the UK on January 2. Follow KFC and Greggs to present vegan options. An animal rights activist said that a vegan meal is the … Read more

McDonald’s worker following the legal process

A McDonald’s worker filed a case against the fast-food giant and one of its Michigan franchisees on Tuesday for sexual harassment, just some days after the CEO of the company was fired for a friendly relationship with an employee. USA (EEOC, including no to their cars) or in state courts. “You hardly have a policy … Read more

McDonald’s one-handed meal hack

Australian McDonald’s wants everyone to participate in its latest hack, but only one. The fast-food chain shared a four-step guide with helpful arrows on how to eat a whole burger with one hand, and it went viral on social media. The brand’s self-proclaimed “food trick” initially includes buying a drink, fries, and one of several … Read more

Why were the residents annoyed at the McDonald’s?

A McDonald’s in Sacramento would have had enough of the bagpipe restaurant explosion to scare the homeless. Restaurant 24 and Broadway enjoyed the music 24 hours a day until some neighbors came and complained, CBS13 reported. “The first days were 24 hours a day,” said Arnold Phillips, who lives across the street from the train … Read more

McDonald’s first vegan meals in the UK

Warning, Big Mac: McDonald’s first vegan meal will be on the UK menu in early 2020. On January 2, Mickey D’s presents his first vegan meal across the lake with the introduction of Veggie Dippers. The breaded canapes are stuffed with red pepper, sun-dried tomato pesto, peas, and rice, and are commercially available for around … Read more

All McDonald’s stores in Peru close

All McDonald’s stores in Peru were not operational for at least two days to mourn the loss of two workers who had been electrocuted at the restaurant in the capital of Peru. Alexandra Porras Inga (19) and Gabriel Campos Zapata (18) worked the night shift at a McDonald’s in Lima’s middle-class Pueblo Libre district. When … Read more