The Cleaning Fluid In Latte By McDonald’s

A pregnant woman in Canada had a stomach ache on Sunday morning when she was given a latte filled with detergent. Sarah Douglas from Lethbridge, Alberta, was on her way to her son’s baseball tournament when she traveled to McDonald’s to tell the tale. Only when he left did he suspect something was wrong, he … Read more

What’s wrong with the McDonald’s Salads?

After all, McNuggets are a healthy option. A food and water parasite called Cyclospora cayetanensis appeared on McDonald’s salads in nine states, left 163 people sick and took three to the hospital. No deaths were reported. Researchers from the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of Salad Accompanied by … Read more

Why Did McDonald’s CEO Resigned?

NEW YORK (AP) – The McDonald’s CEO was expelled from the company after violating company policies by establishing a friendly relationship with an employee, the company said Sunday. The judgment made by the former CEO was really not up to the mark. It was necessary that he should have thought a bit more regarding the … Read more

Revolution By The McDonald’s Staff?

Thanks to the quick thinking of the McDonald’s team, a woman managed to escape a serious situation on Christmas Eve. The San Joaquin County Sheriff released a report on the dramatic incident on Friday, detailing how the woman alerted McDonald’s employees in Lodi, California, that she needed help after the man. who he was traveling … Read more

The efforts in empowering women by the McDonald’s

McDonald’s transformed its famous gold ties to support women on International Women’s Day and created a capital “W” instead of taking significant steps to improve the working conditions of the women it employs. On Thursday, the fast-food chain released its modified logo on corporate social media, announcing that 100 of its websites in the United … Read more

The target of green packaging by McDonald’s

McDonald’s plans to make its packaging 100% green by 2025 to further improve environmental performance. The global fast-food giant announced on Tuesday its intention to manufacture all consumer packaging with renewable, recyclable and certified materials within seven years. In addition, all branches are equipped with garbage containers. “Our customers have told us that packaging waste … Read more

Efforts of the McDonald’s to promote social distancing

Even company logos can practice social distance. McDonald’s in Brazil used the company’s famous golden arches to promote the concept of social alienation. This happens when the company closes soup kitchens across the country due to the coronavirus epidemic. On McDonald’s Brazil Twitter page, the company’s famous gold ties were split into a profile photo … Read more

Impact of the corona virus on the McDonald’s in UK

McDonald’s will close 1,270 UK restaurants on Monday night for fear of a coronavirus, according to a statement released on Sunday. The announcement came when Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered all restaurants and cafes to be closed, although pensions were excluded from the decision. Safety First! McDonald’s still offered takeout and services, but the facility … Read more

A look on the first ever menu of the McDonald’s

Long before the world heard “I’m Lovin ‘It” for the first time and Golden Arches became one of the world’s most famous logos, McDonald’s was simply a humble restaurant that tried out a new concept called “fast food.” When the McDonald brothers opened a store in 1940, they produced a simple menu with just nine … Read more

A McDonald’s Employee Who Really Deserves Appreciation

I have to thank the crazy Facebook algorithm for that. I was browsing social media this week when I noticed a local trend story. The short title was: “McDonald’s is having a retirement ceremony for a long-time employee in Needham, MA,” my hometown. I clicked on the link and wondered who could win a retirement … Read more