The McDonald’s Employees At Their Best

When a desperate woman said “help” to a McDonald’s employee while traveling earlier this week, the staff at the restaurant in Lodi, California, were quickly working to protect her. The woman entered the restaurant shortly after 2 p.m. Tuesday afternoon when he asked an employee to call 9-1-1. He gave him the license plate of … Read more

What are the new ingredients used by the McDonald’s?

McDonald’s strives to make a fried chicken sandwich that rivals the best rival Chick-fil-A. He chose something special in the recipe: MSG, the flavor enhancer that has fans and enemies. The world’s largest restaurant chain is currently testing chicken sandwiches with monosodium glutamate, an ingredient that tastes salty but also presents health problems for consumers. … Read more

The modifications in the McDonald’s menu

McDonald’s announced Tuesday that it has moved to fresh pound quarters instead of frozen meat at 3,500 restaurant chains in the United States and plans to expand elsewhere in May. The fast-food giant’s announcement follows a promise made a year ago to bring fresh meat to the market at most of its 14,000 American restaurants … Read more

The McDonald’s New Transparency Campaign

McDonald’s announced today that it is making greater efforts to be transparent and committed to its new “Our Food, Your Questions” campaign. McDonald’s has a serious image problem and a fallen floor, which may explain its sudden desire to open the barn door to break free of its reputation for serving mass-produced unhealthy foods. Showing … Read more

Impact of the McDonald’s low wages

Low wages in the fast-food industry have cost us all-new research. Taxpayers bombard $ 1.2 billion annually to pay McDonald’s employees, an estimate from the National Employment Law Project released Tuesday. The organization used estimates from a study by the University of California-Berkeley and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on the number of fast-food … Read more

Innovation in the McDonald’s McBites

If you are using a tablet, try the ferries and the pecks. It’s not that there has never been a question or request for a version of McDonald’s Chicken with Popcorn, but it did come, at least for a limited time. Chicken McBites, along with Chicken McNuggets and McChicken Sandwiches, are part of McFamily’s established … Read more

The ‘Create Your Taste’ Campaign By McDonald’s

Easy operation prevailed against adaptation. McDonald’s announced that the Customize Your Taste platform in the US USA It was discontinued in favor of the simpler Signature Crafted Recipes platform, which was tested in San Diego in February. The story was first reported by Business Insider. The CYT (Create Your Taste) platform uses kiosks where customers … Read more

What’s so special in the McDonald’s thought process?

McDonald’s cooperatives may offer a new FIFA World Cup box containing food for two (or more) people in a box that is thematically linked to the next World Cup soccer tournament in Brazil (starting 12 June). A McDonald’s spokesperson confirmed the article, saying that approximately 6,500 McDonald’s stores participated in the group’s cash program. The … Read more

Dumping of McDonald’s job applications

Now you can find the weather and logistical problems with the “Occupy” protesters in Chicago, such as Week One with a shameful trick. All cities in Chicago are on Chicagoist (h / t Mediaite). In April McDonald’s had signed contracts, 50,000 new employees in one day. The fast-food list includes more than a million events, … Read more

The story of mega millions in McDonald’s

A group of McDonald’s Mega Millions of players still believe that their Mirlande Wilson did it as Hamburglar and stole all the winnings. Now the group is processing their meat. Fourteen Golden Arches employees in the Baltimore region are suing Wilson for a $ 218.6 million share of the lottery ticket, the Baltimore Sun reports. … Read more