The mask donation at McDonald’s

The Mayor of Chicago thanks McDonald’s after the fast-food chain announced that it would donate one million N95 masks to health professionals and first responders in the city and in the state of Illinois. The company will donate 750,000 N-95 masks to Chicago, where McDonald’s is headquartered, and 250,000 to the state of Illinois, a … Read more

The corona virus check-up for the McDonald’s employees

McDonald’s is careful during the coronavirus pandemic and introduces new preventive safety controls for employees in the United States. On Wednesday, the fast-food chain announced that “additional precautions” would be taken to ensure that restaurant staff was healthy at the start of each shift. In collaboration with its independent franchisees, McDVOICE confirmed that during the … Read more

The staff augmentation reports denied by McDonald’s

Steve Mann and his argument at a McDonald’s in Paris. He claims that several McDonald’s employees attempted to remove the augmented reality eyepiece, which is essentially permanently installed on his skull. Well, McDonald’s just released a statement saying that Dr. is challenged. Although McDonald’s acknowledges that employees have ordered the device, the company insists that … Read more

The meat prices at McDonald’s

Beyond Meat, a meat substitute company whose packaging is part of the Beyond Burgers line of US supermarkets. The USA, praised its IPO. The company plans to raise approximately $ 200 million from the sale of shares in its hamburger, chicken, and sausage substitute portfolio and sell 8.75 million common shares to a limit of … Read more

Impact of the Yext answers on the McDonald’s

Yext helps companies manage their search and presence on the web. Starting today, with the launch of Yext Answers, you can also offer a better experience on your own websites. In this way, any company with a website can answer a question about its own recognition in a Google-like experience on its own website, CEO … Read more

The speciality of the McDonald’s Egg McMuffins

McDonald’s started eating breakfast all day in October to help curb sales, and while some franchises have only managed two menus at the same time, they appear to be the only ones to do so. Everyone takes a sip of McMuffin egg. A new study by market research firm NPD Group, cited by The Wall … Read more

How to get McDonald’s Macs?

Free Big Mac Alert! McDonald’s celebrates the 50th anniversary of its legendary burger with the creation of a new coin, “MacCoin,” with which you can only buy one: a Big Mac. McDonald’s has announced that it will distribute MacCoins for the party starting Thursday, August 2. You can get a MacCoin simply by buying a … Read more

The partnership of McDonald’s with the U.S. Embassy

In a move that made a lot of noise on social media, McDonald’s and the United States Embassy in Vienna teamed up to help captured Americans abroad. Tourists can now go to one of the 194 McDonald’s in Austria and are given a 24-hour number to contact the US embassy. You can also find the … Read more

What made the McDonald’s the largest burger chain?

This is perhaps the most American dream story: The son of Czech immigrants, who doesn’t even have a high school diploma, recognizes the humble Hamburger’s enormous business potential and becomes one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. Of course, there are a few twists to the plot, including the fact that it took Ray Kroc … Read more

Interesting story behind the establishment of the McDonald’s

The man who built one of the world’s largest restaurant franchises is not called McDonald’s. Ray Kroc, who has turned a small burger into a global fast-food giant, is already known to many Big Mac fans, but The Founder, a movie released on Friday with limited freedom, tells the story behind The Origins McDonald’s and … Read more