McDonald’s in France

Fifteen years after farmers registered one of their restaurants to protest their “bad meat,” McDonald’s conquered France. Le Figaro calls him “the model student”: France is the most profitable country in the Chicago suburban chain outside of the United States. Revenue increased 4.8% in the first seven months of the year, and CEO Jean-Pierre Petit, … Read more McDonald’s in France

The oldest burger of McDonald’s still looks brand new

Irrespective of its youthful appearance, this burger is old enough to be selected. A McDVOICE burger purchased in 1999 appears to have been cooked yesterday. Meat from decades ago smells only slightly like cardboard, according to its owners. David Whipple originally purchased the burger at McDVOICE in Logan, Utah, in July 1999, reports kuTV. I … Read more The oldest burger of McDonald’s still looks brand new

McDonald’s giant Mac

The Big Mac is more than a hamburger, it is an icon. When people hear the McDonald’s name, it’s fair to say that many immediately think of the Big Mac. Although it is perhaps the restaurant’s most famous product, many don’t know its history. In 2018, McDonald’s celebrated Big Mac’s 50th anniversary. During the event, … Read more McDonald’s giant Mac