McDonald’s Delivery App In India

According to a security company, the McDonald’s delivery app in India has provided personal information to 2.2 million users. A poorly configured server allowed everyone to access usernames, emails, addresses and phone numbers, Fallible said. Sending a simple request to the server provided a lot of information about the users, he said. McDonald’s India said … Read more

Rise of the McDonald’s in India

Amit Jatia, a convinced vegetarian, was 14 years old when he came to McDonald’s. It was in Japan and all he could have had was a smoothie. He loved it. He is now the man behind McDonald’s in India, responsible for the company’s phenomenal growth in the country. Family vegetarian values When the American fast-food … Read more

Fully recycled packaging by McDonald’s

Fast-food giant McDonald’s has announced that all packaging in the world will come from sustainable sources by 2025. In the current semester, the restaurant chain will strive to obtain raw materials such as bags, straws, containers and glasses from recycled or renewable raw materials. McDonald’s also wants 100% of its restaurants to recycle packaging so … Read more

McDonald’s In Austria

American citizens who need help in Austria can now go to the nearest McDonald’s store under a contract signed by the fast-food giant. The embassy says that any American who is “in trouble” or whose passport is lost or stolen can get help at one of 194 McDonald’s stores in Austria. The restaurant staff was … Read more

The Monopoly Campaign Of The McDonald’s

A McDonald’s monopoly campaign in which customers who are lucky enough to win prizes, including food, pose a “threat to public health,” said Rep. Tom Watson. He said the fast-food giant should end its annual competition this week and encourage people to order more, the observer said. The government plans to ban junk food television … Read more

The rejection of McDonald’s Kenton school plan

Plans to build a McDonald’s near a Newcastle school were rejected by city councils. Hundreds of people opposed the plan for dozens of reasons, including fears that it would promote unhealthy infant nutrition at nearby Kenton High School. McDonald’s said the restaurant will create 75 jobs and contribute £ 1.9 million to the region’s economy. … Read more

McDonald’s Paper Straws

McDonald’s new paper straw, which the American fast-food giant calls “green,” cannot be recycled. Last year we were mad at plastic, although it is recyclable, in all UK offices as part of an environmental unit. However, the fast-food giant in the United States says that the new paper straws are not yet easy to recycle … Read more

The McDonald’s sea fast food

Rutland will soon lose its claim to being the only English county without McDonald’s after city councils decided to allow the fast-food chain to build an artery outside Oakham. More than 50 people wrote to the district council to oppose the plans. One woman said it was because “who is [McDonald’s] and what is it … Read more

Firing of a McDonald’s employee

McDonald’s fired CEO Steve Easterbrook after having a relationship with employees. The American fast-food giant said the relationship was friendly, but Easterbrook “violated corporate policy” and used “bad judgment.” The British businessman, who made nearly $ 16 million last year, is 26 weeks old. The full value of the offer was unclear. You are also … Read more

The pay protest of the McDonald’s UK staff

British McDonald’s employees went on strike as part of a world day of wage protests. Workers in six London stores pulled out when protests erupted in Britain. There were also campaigns in the United States, France, Germany, Brazil, and Chile. McDonald’s said the attackers are a “small fraction” of its British workforce. The fast-food giant … Read more