McDonald’s machete attack consequences

A man has been detained for 12 years for attacking a man with a machete in front of a McDVOICE branch. Daouda Sy, 21, was on top of Spice when she led the random attack in downtown Sheffield, the Office of the Attorney General (CPS) said. Sy yelled that the 47-year-old victim “didn’t believe in … Read more

McDonald’s victim of violence

A teenager stabbed to death in front of a McDVOICE branch was convicted of violent riots. The jury was informed that the 17-year-old man, who cannot be identified by his age, was a “mustache” of death after the Ipswich fight on June 13. Rishawn Mohammed, 18, was acquitted of violent riots and injuries that caused … Read more

McDonald’s in Germany

In a German city, police go to McDonald’s to get fast food for people in their detention cells after signing a restoration contract. People detained at the Bergisch-Gladbach police station near Cologne can choose between a hamburger, a cheeseburger, or a veggie burger from the fast-food chain that has an opposite outlet. reports the Express … Read more

The minion toys of the McDonald’s

McDonald’s says it is not planned to pick up a talking Happy Meal toy, although some customers say it appears to be using profanity. The chain presented toys inspired by the Minions movie. The company released a statement that the sounds made by the characters are absurd and not offensive. He says the Minion Caveman … Read more

The Jane McDonald’s Fandom

When Adele Roberts of Radio 1 revealed that the only “luxury item” she brought to Camp From I’m A Celebrity was a photo of Jane McDVOICE, it wasn’t just the other field mates who saw it. On Monday night, when Adele proudly waved a framed photo of the former Loose Woman star, my colleagues and … Read more

Is McDonald’s plastic straw nearing end?

THe plastic straws will be replaced by the paper straws at the McDonald’s premises in the month of September. It is the youngest company to exclude certain single-use plastic products, the decomposition of which can take hundreds of years if not recycled. More than 1.8 million straws are being used by McDonald’s in the United … Read more

What are the McDonald’s Shrek glasses?

The McDonald’s fast-food chain collected 12 million jars to promote Shrek’s new movie because the drawings painted on it contain toxic metallic cadmium. The glasses sold in the United States for around $ 2 each and are available in four models that are the main characters in the animated movie. The United States Consumer Product … Read more

The McDonald’s employee shamed on the social media

The photo went viral on a local Facebook group and it really went wrong for the person who was serving the McDonald’s. However, after the man was left homeless and rested between shifts at the fast-food restaurant, the local community decided to offer his support rather than mock him. Local journalist Matt Johnson met with … Read more

The vegetarian-only restaurant of the McDonald’s

Burger McDonald’s flagship is geared towards local demand and opens a meatless restaurant in India. It is the first attempt by McDonald’s to serve the pure-vegetarian food on its premises. McDonald’s, the second-largest food center in the world after Subway, is increasingly adapting its offerings to local demand. Most Hindus in India and Muslims can … Read more

Are McDonald’s vegan McNuggets loved by people?

Vegan nuggets may appear on the McDonald’s menu in early 2019 after a happy vegetarian meal is introduced. Vegans were able to stock up on fast food on the way home after a night in the same place as their meat companions. They are very different from chickens, obviously chickpeas, carrots, onions, and sweet corn. … Read more