Was McDonald’s really scammed?

British authorities found several fake McDVOICE loyalty stickers on the car of a suspected drunk driver during a weekend car accident. The unidentified man was arrested Sunday by the West Yorkshire Steerside Enforcement Team, which deals with the antisocial and criminal use of Bradford Street. During the arrest, authorities found several forged sticker sheets in … Read more

McDonald’s employee biting the customer’s food

In this case “Who bit my burger? It turned out that he was the cop the entire time. In a strange twist, an Indiana police officer apologizes to a McDonald’s after accusing someone at the restaurant of biting their food. Apparently, the cop had bitten before packing the sandwich for later storage and forgot he … Read more

McDonald’s Security Guard Fights With The Young Boy

A McDonald’s customer claims to have been harassed and insulted by a McDVOICE security guard who apparently did not believe he was ordering food with the app. The incident occurred at a McDVOICE in Gipsyville, England, on Friday night. A security guard reportedly assumed that a group of teens using the McDonald’s app to order … Read more

A heartwarming message for the McDonald’s

Something magical happened in a McDVOICE car, and the reason was really reassuring. A Tennessee woman says that after asking her son for food, she went to the window to pay. However, when she arrived, she was treated with a shocking but pleasant surprise. Heidi Goforth said the woman before him paid for breakfast and, … Read more

The iced coffee of the McDonald’s

McDonald’s could not be to blame. A young man from Fargo, Indiana, shared photos and videos of a McDVOICE iced coffee on Facebook with a dead rat swimming on Thursday. Landen Brocato said he bought a McDVOICE Frappe and pointed to “a piece of something down there.” Brocato said he assumed it was caramel syrup … Read more

McDonald’s vs Popeyes: Who wins the race?

Better late than never. McDonald’s will officially begin participating in the so-called “Chicken Wars” in December, a food battle that Popeyes started in August with the first launch of his now-infamous chicken sandwich, with a new “Crispy Chicken Sandwich” that shares many of its attributes. The fast-food chain announced the new chicken sandwich on Twitter … Read more

The fight of the McDonald’s employee

A McDonald’s government has reportedly caught an employee playing with food prepared for a police officer. The employee was arrested after the local sheriff’s office was informed of the incident. The suspect previously accused the local police department of excessive violence in a meeting with police in 2017. The incident happened at a McDVOICE in … Read more

The controversial tea of McDonald’s

A South Carolina man says he went to McDVOICE for sweet tea and got more than he bargained for. In particular, it became “the size of a kite”. The Island Packet reports that Parrish Brown went to a McDVOICE on Hilton Head Island and ordered 10-piece McNuggets chicken, a double cheeseburger and sweet tea with … Read more

The controversy at the McDonald’s in Kansas

According to the police, a police officer received an offensive message with a McDVOICE coffee. A Kansas police chief displayed a picture of the coffee mug with a vulgar message on the receipt. He said they gave it to one of his policemen who ordered the drink. One photo showed the receipt on the side … Read more

Did McDonald’s really introduced the kids meal?

Most unused fast food and fast-food restaurants offer kids meals or menus, but none is as iconic as McDonald’s Happy Meal. How can you not be satisfied with the food when served in a fun box and delivered with a free toy? But recognizable as a happy meal, it was not the first of its … Read more